Security and Emotional Support

On a cold day in December of 2017, at only a couple months old, Pumper set out to find work, food, and a new home… mainly food. He wandered through the main gate and was approached by Chandler Pittman with an offer of a new life and job. At first, Pumper was hesitant and would not get near Chandler. So, Chandler went inside to get Victoria to negotiate the terms of his employment. Victoria knew how to cut to the chase. She brought tuna and water, the rest is history.

Despite being from the “neighborhood” and the discrimination of being a German Shepherd/Pitbull mix, he has become everyone’s favorite team member.

Pumper helps with a variety of duties at Pittman Concrete, including security, emotional support, greeting team members with a smile and wag of his tail, watering the flowers, and most importantly taking a breather to go outside and take 5.