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Through our 40 years of being in business we have built a reputation of on-schedule, quality work, while creating long-lasting relationships.

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With over 40 years of experience and over 75 full-time employees, we have built a reliable reputation for on-schedule, quality work. The practical knowledge and expertise that our managers, superintendents, and staff have are key to the quick resolution of any problems that may arise, we feel this sets us apart from our competition.

Pittman Concrete Team


I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with Lance Clayton and Pittman & Sons Concrete for all of my working career as a General Contractor currently at thirty-eight years and through five different corporate business relationships. Often, it was difficult to accept that your firm was not available to look at some of the projects with which I was involved. Of principal interest was the high degree of organization and follow-through projected from management down to the individual form carpenters, finishers, and laborers. No project of ours was ever delayed from not being attended to. Your firm exemplifies the standard for quality I’ve come to expect in the concrete trades.

Fred DeWitt; New Leaf Construction

A company that delivers on-time; quality workmanship with integrity and without any hassle.

Ash Shaikh; Islamic Center of Northeast Florida

Staff is very dependable and professional.  Numerous projects have been completed over the years at our Jacksonville facility and all projects were completed on time and the work was well above the level I have seen in my forty years of working and over thirty years in the chemical industry. From the start, Bastech has seen the same level of professionalism and expertise by Pittman.  You do not change contractors if you trust their work. We can count on Pittman to perform at a high level. We have had no experiences with Pittman in which we were dissatisfied. We have never had an issue with the quality of the work or with disagreements over the work performed.  It has been very easy to work with the Pittman team.

Thomas S. Schafer; Bastech: Innovative Chemical Solutions

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